Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ASH – Animal Rescue in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains

For 1 ½ decades Dutch couple Remi and Helena Le Mahieu run the animal sanctuary ASH who currently houses approximately 130 dogs, 30+ cats, horses, a donkey and two foxes. Mainly on their own, but sometimes fortunate enough to being given helping hands by volunteers, they have a NO KILL POLICY meaning that animals unfit for re-homing are more than welcome to spend their lives in the sanctuary.

With about 5 – 6 hours sleep on average their days work never seems to stop, but, although always pressed for time, they allow the media to cover stories, go on to TV and radio and even take time out to attend courses to always be at their best for the animals in their care.

If you are looking for courageous, hard working people with hero qualities – look no further.

Helena was a guest on NEAR90FMs IN-DEPTH where I promised to come down here to put my skills as a holistic animal healer etc. to good use, which resulted in an initial overnight stay and an agreement to come out to help every first Monday of the month.

Below you will find more pictures of their current animals. The follow up show about the sanctuary is scheduled for TUESDAY, JULY 15th 2007.

One of the two cute foxes

Some of the dogs

This horse is approx. 30 years old

Maggy and Frauke - the volunteers at ASH

Intensive care unit

Puppies - after the arrival of any animal they get vaccinated straight away for their saftey and those of all the others.

"Baby Bear" - 8 months old and still growing